For listening to fast data updates


Port: 8883
TLS: Required
Username: Required, see authentication
Password: Required, see authentication
ClientId: No limitations


Each customer is separated into individual base topics. This allows consumers to have a single subscription and receive data for all installations, meters and registers.
NOTE: MQTT subscriptions must be made to the same base topic the consumer has been granted access to. This means that subscriptions must include the customer-id, and cannot subscribe to root topic with wildcard #.

Payload format

NOTE: Because of historical reasons there are currently two payload formats. This is something that is in process of being changed.
Version 1 data payload is transmitted for register 2 (accumulated energy consumption) measurements.
"smarteo_payload_schema_version": 1,
"data_timestamp_utc": "2023-01-01T12:34:56.789Z",
"system_timestamp_utc": "2023-01-01T12:30:00.000Z",
"register_id": 12,
"meter_reading": 123.456
Version 2 data payload is transmitted for all other register types.
"smarteo_payload_schema_version": 2,
"measurement_start_timestamp_utc": "2023-01-01T12:00:00.000Z",
"measurement_end_timestamp_utc": "2023-01-01T12:01:00.000Z",
"register_id": 12,
"value": 123.456
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